iSpraak TermsiSpraak

Here is some important terms to review and understand if you are considering an iSpraak license:

Privacy: Minimal student and instructor data are stored on secure servers from our shared hosting company in the United States and are SOLELY used for iSpraak to function as designed. No data are shared with third parties for any commercial/marketing purposes. Data for standard (non-LTI) accounts are limited to the following: instructor e-mail address, student name, student e-mail address, and numerical score for student submissions. No other personally identifiable information is stored for standard accounts. For LTI accounts, additional data include instructor name, role, and context ID. Other LTI data that are requested for authentication purposes are not stored by iSpraak. These data variables include the following: context_title, resource_link_id, lis_outcome_service_url, lis_result_sourcedid, oauth_consumer_key, and tool_consumer_instance_guid. It is at the discretion of your institution whether or not grade postbacks are enabled.

Requirements: iSpraak was designed to work on Google Chrome 25 or higher on full featured browser installations (non-mobile). You should confirm the application works to your satisfaction on your hardware and software before purchasing a license. The trial is available for this purpose. If you need additional trial time, please contact us.

Features: iSpraak's signature features rely on third-party technologies and APIs. Should these technologies be discontinued or if the integration of services is otherwise compromised, some core functionalities of iSpraak may be modified or deprecated. In the case of deprecation of features, you may request a prorated refund for your remaining license.

Language Support: iSpraak currently supports ASR for 26 languages: Amharic, Arabic, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Turkish, Vietnamese, and Zulu. TTS is available for most, but not all, languages.

Authentication: User authentication for standard accounts is streamlined through e-mail domain matching. Your site license covers all faculty at your institution with school e-mail addresses structured like the one you provide us. LTI integrations use your LMS to authenticate instructors and students.

LMS Support: There is a basic LMS integration via LTI 1.1 so that institutions can manage iSpraak activities through BlackBoard/Moodle/Canvas/etc. However, there is no explicit or implied guarantee that your LMS configuration will support the iSpraak LTI handoff for authentication. There are many parameters that may prevent the successful integration of the iSpraak LTI dashboard with your particular LMS configuration. Required variables are: lis_person_name_full; lis_person_contact_email_primary; context_title; resource_link_id; roles; context_id; lis_outcome_service_url; lis_result_sourcedid; oauth_consumer_key; tool_consumer_instance_guid

Data retention: Data is stored indefinitely but can be purged upon a formal written request from your institution. In this case, all activities and grades associated with your institutional account will be irreversibly destroyed.

Liability: Our cumulative liability concerning losses and damages arising from use or integration of the product will not exceed the financial amount you actually paid for services at the issue of your most recent invoice. This includes all losses, from misrepresentation, negligence, breach of data security, or other torts. We will make a good faith effort to provide the best and most secure product we can, but iSpraak is essentially provided "as is"; there is no guarantee that iSpraak will function without disruption, delay, or performance issues.